Brian Havener

projects / social agriculture

Social Agriculture is the result of a research-based studio that uses an expanded form of design practice to address meta-issues in global urbanism. On-site design research took place in Bogotá to situate speculative projects within their larger social, political and environmental contexts.

One of the most pressing issues of Bogotá’s urbanization is the alarming rate at which its population is increasing. The surge is mostly answered by sub-standard informal development. At the current rate, roughly a quarter of residences are developed informally. Barrio Aguas Claras revealed itself to be a potential site, being one of the only barrios that is still outside the legal boundary of the city, therefore not recognized by the government.

After fires in early 2016, Aguas Claras lost 18 hectares of forested land, leaving the community exposed to unstable ground and possible landslides. To protect Aguas Claras’ and sustain its autonomy, the deforested strip of land between the community and the protected forest is terraced and recovered as agricultural land for the community to cultivate. Promoting sustainable food practices, this system also re-stitches the community to the forest through various forms of social programming.

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