Brian Havener

casapoli residency
This work was carried out over the course of a month-long research residency at the award-winning Casa Poli, designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen. For more information, please visit

The dematerialization of the transparent surface has the potential reconstruct the perception of space; to manipulate, distort, and amplify the ways in which we experience our surroundings. Material explorations in the realm of transparency attempt to expand surface into a series of spatial atmospheres, establishing an architecture that is simultaneously real and unreal—physically present while perceptually outside of all places—one that is constantly in shift, imbuing both a maximum of the immediate and a maximum of abstraction. The work itself is a contradiction; capturing idiosyncratic moments in time while challenging the stability of Casa Poli through moving—far from static—images. Superimposition questions spatial relationships as individual identities dissolve. Image remains buried within a kinetic irradiation.

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